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The main ideals behind medical school applications, and job applications thereafter, are that of transparency of process and equity of access. Work experience for medicine, however, has historically been overshadowed by a bias towards individuals who have medical 'contacts'. 

Medic Insight is a comprehensive work experience programme which aims to offer work experience to all. Our marking schemes have met guidelines from Scottish medical schools. Schools and career advisers in each area continue to be presented with details about the programme which provides awareness across local schools.

Please only apply to one programme only. Applications will not be considered if made to more than one of our programmes.


Application is by means of filling out an application form online which includes providing predicted grades and short statements in support of your application. A school referee is asked to provide confirmation of statements made in all applications and applications will not be considered without it. Applications are scored by two members of the team who will award the application a score out of 30 against set criteria. If the two scores are significantly different your application will be reviewed by a third member of the team before a decision is made.

Please note that Medic Insight is a voluntary programme that neither guarantees a specific placement or experience. The team behind Medic Insight endeavour to ensure that all students gain a true insight into Medicine but no applications are assured a place and it is not to be expected that feedback will be provided on accepted or failed applications. Although in past years Medic Insight has been successful in placing students in a wide range of hospital settings, any placement is subject to cancellation at any time and Medic Insight assumes no responsibility for any loss incurred as a result. All students that are placed will be provided with an honorary contract to allow them to be in NHS settings but this is subject to strict acceptance of the Medic Insight terms and conditions. Acceptance and placement with Medic Insight bears no connection to future placement or potential with any medical school or career-linked opportunity.

Provisional 2016 Application Timetable;

  • Information published - November 2015
  • Schools and Partners Contacted - January 2016
  • Applications Open for one Week - Monday 15th - Sunday 21st February 2016
  • Application Scoring and Decisions Made - April 2016
  • Week Programme - June 2016

Medic Insight cannot provide any accommodation in and around Edinburgh. All hospitals and GP practices in the NHS Lothian area are invited to take part in the scheme and we are unable to provide reimbursement for travel expenses incurred.


Application for Medic Insight Dundee has a very similar structure to Edinburgh. For the week event, a team of markers working with a set marking scheme will score the applications so that candidate scores can be compared and offers will be made based on rankings. It is therefore important to remember that offers are not made on a first come first served basis and applications made at any point within the application week will be considered, however, please note that incomplete applications that have been submitted may not be considered.

Provisional Application Timetable for the S5 week programme for 2018;

  • Schools contacted - January 2018
  • Applications open for one week - Monday 26th February 2018 at 8am
  • Applications marked and offers made - March/April 2018
  • Week Programme - weeks beginning 4th,11th and 18th June 2018
For the 5th year weeks, application will be graded and offers will be made once all applications have been processed. Applications will open from 9AM 26/02/18 until 5/03/18. The link to the application is as follows: https://goo.gl/forms/eyncCefRkYw0dbkV2

For the S4 day event, applications will open at 8am on Wednesday 21st February 2018 for one week only and offers will be made on a first come first served basis providing application requirements are met.

4TH YEAR DAY FORM LINK: https://goo.gl/forms/1ftJCOYMu5pWqQmi1

This application form will go live tomorrow (21/02/28) at 8AM for the 4th year day event. The event is first come first serve providing you meet the application criteria. Successful applicants will be informed in due course. Good Luck!

Medic Insight cannot provide any accommodation or provide reimbursement for travel expenses incurred.



Applications for Medic Insight Glasgow are similar to Edinburgh and Dundee: a marking scheme is used to score applications and places are given based on final ranking. All applications received within the allotted time will be considered but incomplete applications may be excluded. Since Medic Insight is a voluntary organisation, we cannot provide any accommodation or provide reimbursement for travel expenses incurred.

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